Adding Integrations to Smart Forms

A quick guide on how you can add integrations (built-in and external) to your smart forms.

FormHero supports integration with third-party services. Your forms can hand off to eSignature providers like DocuSign or HelloSign, send SMTP or SFTP file transfers, call webhooks, or send documents to Amazon S3 storage. We can also work with you to create integrations specific to your organization.


To add integrations, click on the menu icon in the top right corner of your dashboard.



Select Integrations.

image (1)


On the Integrations page, the left side will list the set of integrations already in place for your organization.  As you click on each integration that’s already in place, you will see the settings for each one under Delivery Provider and can adjust accordingly.  

The section under Delivery Provider will have a list of all the teams that live within your organization.  You can select which teams you would like this integration to be available to, or select all so that the integration will be available across the organization.

image (2)


To add a new integration, click on New Integration on the top of your integrations list on the left. 

image (3)


Select your integration type.

image (4)


Add in your integration name, the associated settings for the integration, select applicable teams, and hit Save.

image (5)


Once you have saved your integration, it will be available to use as a new destination for smart form submissions.


Using Catalog

If your company has access to Catalog and uses Save and Resume, users will be able to see the status of smart form submissions for each destination, providing real time feedback.

If there are integrations you would like to use that are not available currently, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss further.