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Adding panels

Learn about the different types of panels you can add to your Smart Form.

Add panels

Use panels to guide respondents through your form. All smart forms have the same basic structure: a Start panel, one or more Miniform panels, a Submission panel, and a Thank You panel.

Start panel

Use the Start panel to welcome respondents and introduce the form.

Miniform panels

Organize your questions using Miniform panels. A Miniform can contain a single question or a set of related questions. For example, you could group questions about the respondent’s contact information on the same Miniform. You can also use a Miniform to simply present information or instructions.

Submission panel

The Submission panel contains a Submit button that allows respondents to complete the form and submit their answers. Respondents are first prompted to address any unanswered questions. You can also allow respondents to review and change their answers.

Thank You panel

The Thank You panel is always the last panel respondents see (unless you connect to another form). You can use the Thank You panel to thank respondents for participating or to provide any final information. You can also send respondents to a website or another form.