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Bundled PDFs

How to create a Bundled PDF from your Output Panel.

A Bundled PDF allows you to merge multiple outputs into one PDF file for download.  This feature is intended to be used for Smart Forms that generate multiple PDFs and for ease of later use need to be bundled.


How to create a Bundled PDF

Before starting, it is important that you have already uploaded at least two of the individual PDFs you wish to include in your bundle.  

Tip: Uploading all of your PDFs first and in the same order they would appear in the bundle will save you time from reorganizing later.

  1. Click on Documents to access the SmartForm Outputs, then click on the  Add an output button and select “Generate a bundled PDF”.

  2. Click on the BUNDLED PDF to access the PDF selection field.
  3.  Select the PDFs that you wish to include in your Bundled PDF by checking the corresponding box, you will notice they order is the same as those in the documents pane

    You may only select PDFs that exist in your Smart Form Outputs panel once, they cannot be repeated in the bundle.  If there is a need to have the same PDF in your document more than once, we recommend making a duplicate of that output in your Outputs panel.

    Note: It’s best practice to give your outputs unique Output File Names, this will be especially useful in cases where there will be duplicate output documents.  It will also make for a good user experience for the end user when the files they are downloading are correctly named.

  4. You can add conditional rendering to the PDFs that appear in your bundled PDF.  The default is set to “Always”, but this can be changed to “when”, “all/any” of the conditions are met. To review this topic, see Conditions;

    Tip: This feature will strip the PDFs of their unique titles, so if PDF accessibility is a requirement for the digital bundle, we recommend not using this feature and exporting your PDFs separately.