Learn how to use checkboxes in your Smart Form with FormHero Studio.

There are a few ways you can use a Checkbox field. Add a single Checkbox if you want respondents to agree with a statement, or use multiple Checkboxes if you want respondents to select answers from a list. Note that respondents are able to select as many checkboxes as they want.

Tip  If you want to limit respondents to selecting a single answer, use a Multi-Checkbox. You can also use a Dropdown to create a list.



Field Settings


Checkbox Text
Enter the text to show beside the checkbox. You can format the text using HTML tags.

Data Binding
Enter the data binding for the field. The data binding is used to label and store the information the respondent enters in this field.Tip  For more information on how to name your data bindings, see Assign data bindings.

Tip  The value for each Checkbox field is captured in the form output. If checkbox is selected, the value is TRUE. If the checkbox is not selected, the value is FALSE.


Make this checked by default
The checkbox is selected by default. Respondents can click the checkbox to deselect it.

Make this field required
Respondents must answer the question to move to the next panel. Click the toggle switch to select this option.

Tip  An * is shown beside the question to indicate that it’s required. You can style the * using CSS.