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Components of a Smart Form

A smart form contains a series of panels that guide respondents through a personalized data collection journey. Upon completion, a Smart Form creates and delivers artifacts and information wherever it needs to go.

smart form contains a series of panels that guide respondents through the form. In general, forms use the same basic structure: a Start panel, one or more Miniform panels, a Submission panel, and a Thank You panel. You can make your form more complex by adding branches to send respondents down different paths or using conditions to show fields based on the respondent’s answers. You can also seamlessly send respondents to another form.

A simple example

The following form is used by a private airport to process applications from aircraft owners.

Start panel

The form begins with a Start panel to welcome respondents.


Miniform panels

The Miniform panels comprise most of the form and contain the questions being asked. A form can have as many Miniform panels as you want, and you can add as many questions as you want to each panel.

You can use different fields depending on the type of question. For example, the following Miniform uses Short Text fields for the owner’s name.


This Miniform uses a Combobox/Autocomplete field to help the owner enter their address.


This Miniform uses a Legal field to include terms and conditions.



The Submission panel appears once the respondent has progressed through the Miniform panels. The Submission panel shows a summary of the form answers and lets the respondent make changes before they click Submit.


Thank You

The Thank You panel appears after the respondent clicks Submit. The panel thanks the owner and provides a PDF of the completed form that the owner can download.