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Connecting to another Smart Form

Learn how to connect one Smart Form to another within FormHero Studio.

At any point in your form, you can send respondents to another form. For example, you might have two related forms that should be completed at the same time, or you might want to send respondents to a different form depending on their answers. The data collected on the first form will be passed to the second form.

Tip  Respondents be seamlessly redirected to the other form and won’t see the Connect to Another Form panel.

Add a Connect to Another Form panel

1. Drag a Connect to Another Form panel from the sidebar and drop it on your form. Arrows show where you’re allowed to place the panel.


2. The editor appears when you drop the panel.


Select a form

Use the following options to select the form you want to connect to.

Panel Label

Enter a label for the Connect to another form panel. This label is shown on the final form in the sidebar navigation tiles. This label also identifies the panel within a Logic Branch.


If you belong to multiple organizations, select the organization that owns the form.


If you belong to multiple teams, select the team that owns the form.

Smart Form

Select a form. This list contains the forms for the Organization and Team you selected in the previous fields.

Save the panel

Click Apply.

Important  Do not click X in the top-right corner or the panel won’t be saved.

Save your smart form

Be sure to save your smart form often so you don’t accidentally lose your work. Any unsaved changes will be lost if you close your smart form or your web browser.

1. Click SAVE.


2. Select the type of changes you’ve made (MajorMinor or Quick Fix)

3. Add a note describing your changes.

4. Click SAVE.