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How to invoke REST endpoints from forms?

Generally speaking, there are 3 options available for customers looking to send the data captured from a form session to a REST endpoint.

If the endpoint is simple and can accept a single payload of all of the collected information, you can configure this call to the REST endpoint from the submission panel. (Good for single forms)


1. On the submission panel > Destinations, click “Add an Action” > “Call a Webhook”

2. From here, click EDIT to configure the URL, headers, and payload that you want to be sent to the REST API.

If your REST endpoint requires more handshaking, or if you’re a technical team looking for more control and visibility into your REST calls, the following two approaches might be more appropriate:

Use the formhero.js library to control your own REST calls (Great for technical teams looking to centralize to a single integration model)


1. If you launch your Smart Forms using the formhero.js library you can create a success function that receives a call back with the entire payload of each form session on completion.

2. From here, with a little knowledge of JavaScript, you can create or call any functions you need to communicate with REST APIs, insert data into back-end systems and more.

Talk to the FormHero team about us working together to build custom integrations via our Delivery Service (Great for complex integrations that require sequencing)