How to submit completed forms to different emails?

In-depth walk through of submission panel option: "Send an email then thank the user"

FormHero includes the option of "send an email then thank the user" in submission panels. This allows all parties required to have a completed form to have it sent immediately to their inbox.

We offer the options to send to multiple emails as regular recipients, CC'd recipients, and BCC'd recipients.

You may enter recipients' names and emails statically, as seen in the "recipients" box below. This is especially useful for you and your colleagues internally.

To send a copy to the end user, the data bindings for their name and email address must be used and closed with handlebars { { } }, as seen in the "CC recipients" box below. This will dynamically populate their names and email with the info collected in their form - just be sure to set up your data bindings correctly!

Hint: Users may want to send emails to different recipients based on a choice selected in the form (ie. In a college application form, students applying to a dentistry program have their form submitted to a dentistry admissions officer vs. student applying to a medical program to a medical admissions officer). Simply create a decision node with multiple submission panels set to email different recipients, and set the decision criteria.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 11.05.04 AM

Next, the panel asks which name and email address the form should come from. While we recommend using a generic "no-reply" company email, you may set that up any way you like.

Our message fields also include the option for text-only or HTML content. Finally, be sure to select outputs to include as attachments if your form generates an output at the end.

Give your form a few test submissions to ensure your email's laid out correctly and sent to the right recipients!