Phone Number Field

The Phone Number field is used to collect phone or fax numbers. It can be added in Miniform or Data Table panels.

This field validates any phone number against the country code and ensures that data collected is accurate, and formatted correctly.

Select the Phone Number field type in the miniform or data table panel to add it to the form.

Phone number field settings

Auto Placeholder - Will add a placeholder value representing the phone number length and format as per the selected country code

Hide Country Code - hides the country code number (e.g. +1) and will only show the country flag

Include Formatting Characters in Value - this setting preserves the formatting of the phone number in the collected data

    • Unformatted number: 


    • Formatted number


Limit Countries - user can select the countries by which the form user can choose from for entering their phone number.  Best used when there are a small number of countries that the field will accept phone numbers from (e.g. will only accept Canadian and US numbers)

Exclude Countries - users can add countries to be filtered from the overall countries list, preventing the country from being shown as a part of the selection (e.g. does not accept Canadian and US numbers)

List certain countries first - if a form is likely to be used by users primarily from a few countries, this setting can be used to bring those countries to the top to make it easier for selection