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Starting a new form

Learn how to start a new Smart Form within FormHero Studio.

Start a new form

There are two ways to create a new smart form: start from scratch with a blank form or copy a form you’ve already built.

1. If you want to copy an existing form, export the form. Select ACTIONS > Export beside the form on the Dashboard and save the form as a ZIP file.

2. On the Dashboard, click NEW SMART FORM.


3. Enter a descriptive Title to use in FormHero Builder. The title is also used as the URL Slug, which is part of the form’s website address. The title won’t be seen by respondents when using the form.

4. To copy an existing form, click Choose File. Select the ZIP file you exported in step 1, then click Open.

5. Click CREATE.

Your new form appears. Start building your form using StartMiniformSubmission and Thank You panels.