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Learn the step-by-step processes required to make a Smart Form.

Ready to create a smart form? Just follow these steps.

Create a new form

Start with a blank slate and create a brand-new form. Or begin with a copy of a form you’ve already built. Either way, it’s easy to start a new form.

Add panels

Use panels to guide respondents through your form. All smart forms have the same basic structure: a Start panel, one or more Miniform panels, a Submission panel, and a Thank You panel.

Add fields

Customize your form with different types of fields. For example, you could require respondents to write a short answer, enter a date, or select an answer from a list.

Assign data bindings

Data bindings are an essential part of your form ― they’re used to label and store the data you collect. Every field on your form needs a data binding.

Create branches

Use Logic Branches to create different branches for respondents to follow. For example, you may want respondents to answer specific questions based on where they live.

Connect to another form

At any point in your form, you can send respondents to another form. For example, you might have two related forms that should be completed at the same time, or you might want to send a respondent to a different form depending on how they answer the form questions.

Create documents with the form results

Use the form results to create documents. For example, you could create a nicely formatted PDF that summarizes the results. You could also save the results in a JSON file to import into a database or another system.

Set destinations

Use destinations to decide (1) what respondents see when they click Submit, and (2) where the form results are sent.

Publish your form

Once you’ve finished your form, publish the form to make it available to respondents.