Tiered selector

Learn how to use a tiered selector field in your Smart Forms when you have large categories of information to select from.

Tiered Selector field allows respondents to select an answer from a list, similar to a Dropdown field. However, a Tiered Selector adds more levels to the list. After respondents select an item from the first level, they’re prompted to select an item from the next level. You can add as many levels to the list as you want.

For example, let’s say the first level in the list contains a list of industries (agriculture, automotive, food, etc.). If the respondent selects agriculture, the next level in the list appears with options such as cattle farm, dairy farm, etc.

Tip Please contact FormHero for assistance creating tiered lists.



Field Settings


Enter the text you want to show in the answer field. This could be the question or a hint to help respondents fill in the field. When the respondent begins typing, the label moves above the field.

Select a Pick List
Choose a list.
Tip Please contact FormHero for assistance creating tiered lists.

Data Binding
Enter the data binding for the field. The data binding is used to label and store the information the respondent enters in this field.

Tip  For more information on how to name your data bindings, see Assign data bindings.


Enter a short hint to help explain the question. The hint appears below the answer field.

Info-bubble HTML
Enter more information to help explain the question. Users can view the info-bubble by hovering over an icon beside the answer field. You can use HTML tags to format the info-bubble content.

Make this field required
Respondents must answer the question to move to the next panel. Click the toggle switch to select this option.

Tip  An * is shown beside the question to indicate that it’s required. You can style the * using CSS.

Disable this field
The question is shown but respondents can’t edit the answer. For example, you may want to show an example answer.

Disable when Prepopulated
The question is shown but users can’t edit the answer if the field has been prepopulated with data. For example, you may have captured the user’s city in a previous question and just want to display it here. Users can edit the answer if it hasn’t been prepopulated.