Uploading and attaching files to smart forms

The file upload feature allows you to collect secondary documents you need from your end user by allowing them to direct attach files in your smart forms. Users can include documents such as: a driver’s license, a birth certificate, a receipt, etc.

Supported formats of files are: JPG, PNG, DOC, DOCX, GIF, PDF. You can customize which formats you’d like your file upload to support by selecting and deselecting file types. Any ideas or recommendations for file types currently unsupported in FormHero can be made to success@formhero.com

Currently, the file upload feature allows uploading files directly from the end user’s computer. You can customize the minimum and maximum number of files end users can upload, as well as the sizes of the files.

The maximum thresholds for the file upload feature are as follows:

  • Max file count: 10
  • Single file size: 50mb
  • Overall file size: 500mb

Here’s how to set up a file upload feature for your smart form:

  1. Setting up a file upload field
    Using a mini-form panel, select the File Upload feature by adding it as a new Field.



2. Customizing your file upload feature 

As with any field, ensure correct labels, hints, and data bindings are added appropriately.


3. Set up limitations 

This includes: allowed number of files, file types, size limits, etc. Be sure to open the drop-down menus to see the different options. 


4. Preview and test your file upload feature.

In the preview screen, the feature can be tested uploading a file using the Browse button. End users will be able to view a thumbnail of the file attached. 



Attaching and retrieving uploaded files

Using the data binding associated with the file upload, the uploaded files can be attached to delivery actions, or they can be included as a part of the artifact manifest to be downloaded through FormHero.js or our REST API.

To include the uploaded files as an attachment to a delivery action (e.g. email, SFTP, webhook), include the uploaded file name as a part of the outputs.  Outputted documents tied to delivery actions are automatically included in the artifact manifest.

If there are no delivery actions, use "Just Thank the User", and select the name of the file upload as an output to include as attachments.