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Using the Workspace

Use the workspace to structure your form by adding, editing and deleting panels. You can also change how panels are connected.Adjust your view

As you’re working, you can zoom in on the form or move it around in the workspace.

  • Click the (+) icon to zoom in and see a section of the form more closely.
  • Click the ( - ) icon to zoom out and see more of the form.
  • Click the (■) icon to fit the entire form in the workspace.
  • To move the entire form, click on a blank area in the workspace and drag the form.
  • To help you visualize the form flow, you can click and drag individual panels and move them in the workspace. This doesn’t change the order of the panels in the form.

Add a panel

Drag a panel from the sidebar and drop it on an arrow between two existing panels.

Tip  You can’t add a panel before the Start panel or after the Thank You panel. You can only add a Thank You panel after the Submission panel.


Edit a panel

To make changes to a panel, click the panel, then click EDIT NODE.


Delete a panel

You can delete a panel you don’t need. You can also delete an entire branch.

Tip  Be careful — once you save your form, the deleted node(s) will be gone for good.

1. Click a panel, then click DELETE NODE.


2. Choose what you want to delete.DELETE SINGLE NODE  Delete the selected node only.DELETE ENTIRE BRANCH  Delete the selected node and all nodes below it.

3. Click DELETION PREVIEW to view the nodes that will be deleted and how this will change the form. The nodes that will be deleted are shown in red.


4. Click RESULT PREVIEW to see what the form will look like after the node(s) are deleted.



Connect panels

You can create a connection between two panels.

1. Click a panel, then click CREATE CONNECTION.


2. Click the panel you want to connect to, then click on a blank space in the workspace. The panels are now connected.

Disconnect panels

You can remove the connection between two panels. Click the connection you want to remove, then click DELETE EDGE.