What are FormHero's analytics capabilities?

Abilities to integrate with Tableau, PowerBI, etc.

There are a few ways in which we support analytics:

  1. The platform only captures analytics around form usage; the start/end of sessions, who initiated a session (when integrated with SSO), the paths taken through the form, etc.
  2. FormHero always returns the data back to the business/launching application, and data can be sent directly to a database or API regardless of what the primary output of a smart form is, so it’s easy to receive and store all submitted data internally and run any analytics on your own data
  3. For customer-facing smart forms, we can also integrate with web-based analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or Adobe Tag Manager to capture usage metrics consistent with how other properties are tracked at your organization
  4. Finally, some customers have worked with FormHero to capture data entered in form "on-the-fly" and to receive a daily report (Excel) of abandoned sessions for retargeting. Talk to the FormHero team if you'd like more information on this or similar solutions.