What are the integration and interfacing options?

Describe integration and interfacing solutions

Inbound to FormHero

FormHero has a simple JSON based integration, using the formhero.js library, that allows you to pass data to a Smart Form. There are multiple options here, including sending the data as simply key:value pairs and sending the data encrypted as part of a JWT payload, but all require minimal effort and are primarily managed by you, the client (i.e. we do not typically query your book of record)

Outbound from FormHero

There are multiple outbound integration options including:

At an individual form level: you can invoke simple integrations (REST, email, SFTP, etc), or you can invoke complex custom integration (as connectors that read from a queue).

You also have the option to have FormHero return raw data and artifacts that allow you to handle the full integration to core systems with custom/centralized code managed by your own team.

API/Web service

As described above, you can configure API POSTs at the form level or use the formhero.js library to receive the completed / partial information and manage the connectivity yourselves

Message Queue, DB Access, ETL

We do not have a DB / store any of the collected information. You can, however, create connectors that read from the message queue or use the patterns described above.